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New in 2024, this is the bot that will count your vote! Accept no substitutes!

Send this account a toot in the form
substituting the (up to) three codes for the songs you want to win. Punctuation ignored, case insensitive, order is unimportant. Only your latest toot counts, so change your vote with a new toot.

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The first place in the fourth annual Song Contest, with 50 votes, is...

Song: Misaligned Aardvarks
Country: The Island of Nothing [NOTH]

Congratulations to @keefmarshall

Edited 53d ago

On the second place, with 46 votes, is...

Song: The New Rage
Country: New Rage City [NRCI]

Congratulations to @negativeplayers

Edited 53d ago

On the third place, with 43 votes, is...

Song: All Zombies Go To Heaven
Country: Dizzy Corp. [DIZZ]

Congratulations to @dgar

Edited 53d ago

The other song on a shared fourth place with 37 votes is...

Song: Site-23
Country: Blahaj Cuddle Coalition [BLAH]

Congratulations to @fabi

Edited 53d ago

We have two songs on a shared fourth place, with 37 votes each. The first of these is...

Song: Synthetic Synchronicity
Country: Cyberpunks [CYBE]

Congratulations to @revengeday

Edited 53d ago

On the sixth place, with 35 votes, is...

Song: Tap My Toes
Country: The Cabaret Republic [CABA]

Congratulations to @elsemusic

Edited 53d ago

On the seventh place, with 34 votes, is...

Song: Mare
Country: Lost Railroad Valley [RAIL]

Congratulations to, @MyLoFy

Edited 53d ago

On the eighth place, with 32 votes, is...

Song: Face the Fire
Country: Die Tausend Lande [TAUS]

Congratulations to @simonvey

Edited 53d ago

On the ninth place, with 31 votes, is...

Song: Living The Dream
Country: Rugged scrublands [RUGG]

Congratulations to @sknob

Edited 53d ago

On the tenth place, with 25 votes, is...

Song: Versio
Country: Cobaltia [COBA]

Congratulations to @cobalt

Edited 53d ago

The votes have been counted! In total 372 accounts sent in votes, with a total of 911 votes between them. Here comes the top ten songs of !

The voting has closed!
Thank you, listeners and musicians for your participation in

The votes will be counted, and since we have 72 contestants this year, the top 10 songs will be announced tomorrow at 13:00 UTC (18 hours from now).

EDIT: Voting is closed.

Voting will close in a few minutes. Does anyone want to get a last minute vote in?

Reply to this and write "@vote vote AAAA AAAA AAAA" (replacing AAAA with up to three voting codes of your choice).

Multiple identical codes in a vote will only count as one.

Edited 54d ago

That concludes the entries of this year's FediVision! Please vote for your three favorites. All three codes must be in the same message. If you vote more than once, only the last vote will count.

Voting will close in 1 hour and 20 minutes, at 7PM UTC.

Fedivision 2024: Misaligned Aardvarks [NOTH]
Fedivision 2024: Two Weeks of Spring (Six Months of Summer) [HEJT]
Fedivision 2024: Open Your Eyes [KAST]
Fedivision 2024: Fire Me Straight Into A Falling Star [BELT]
Fedivision 2024: Without You [EMPW]
Fedivision 2024: Landwaves [TDRC]
Fedivision 2024: All Zombies Go To Heaven [DIZZ]
Fedivision 2024: Diag [DEEZ]
Fedivision 2024: The Optically Pumped Rubidium Maser [TPSB]
Fedivision 2024: Pottane [ANDO]
Fedivision 2024: tracks of federation [EALN]