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The social media presence of the Fedivision Song Contest.

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Musicians! This one is for you!

If you’d like to field entry in the song contest, take a look at the FAQ at for guidance on what can be submitted. We will update the FAQ with any further questions that roll in; please feel free to ask by replying to this post or DMing this account.

Everyone else: hang tight, and watch out for the listening party and voting in May 2024.

The Fedivision song contest is ON!

What is Fedivision? We are a light-hearted musical competition among amateur musicians on the Fediverse. You can submit one original unreleased piece < 4 minutes long in any genre. In May 2024, we will listen to all the entries and the fediverse votes on the best song!

Now in its fourth year, we have a brand new dedicated instance. Please follow this account to be kept informed. PLEASE BOOST this post so that all your musician friends get the word.

Welcome to!

We're on the air!