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The social media presence of the Fedivision Song Contest.

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is wrapped and done! This instance and have been slipped into quiescent mode. We hope you’ve had fun participating this last month. Please continue to follow this account for further events.

Here are the ten highest-voted entries to , from top spot to tenth, as announced by @vote earlier today!

1️⃣🥇 Misaligned Aardvarks by @keefmarshall of [NOTH] The Island of Nothing
2️⃣🥈 The New Rage by @negativeplayers of [NRCI] New Rage City
3️⃣🥉 All Zombies Go To Heaven by @dgar of [DIZZ] Dizzy Corp
4️⃣🤝 Site-23 by @fabi of [BLAH] Blahaj Cuddle Coalition
4️⃣🤝 Synthetic Synchronicity by @revengeday of [CYBE] Cyberpunks
6️⃣ Tap My Toes by @elsemusic of [CABA] The Cabaret Republic
7️⃣ Mare by @stephan with @MyLoFy of [RAIL] Lost Railroad Valley
8️⃣ Face the Fire by @simonvey of [TAUS] Die Tausend Lande
9️⃣Living The Dream by @sknob of [RUGG] Rugged scrublands
🔟 Versio by @cobalt of [COBA] Cobaltia

Congratulations to all!

Good morning everyone. We hope you’ve all been having a great . A few more things will happen as the contest winds down. Entrants outside the top ten who asked to be told how they did will receive a DM from this account or from @futzle in the next 24 hours.

The player on and the pop-up channel at @radiofreefedi will remain up until this weekend. If there’s music you like, you are encouraged to connect with the artist now and find where they sell or give away their music. is ephemeral and we think its value is as a showcase for artists and as a networking event.

To that end, we will stick up an expanded Hall of Fame page on, listing all entrants with contact details and links to their music. If you are on this list and you want your details changed or deleted, just ask us. This offer is perpetual. If we find the data files and the spoons, we will do the same for the 2023 and 2022 contests.

The winner of is @keefmarshall with the song “Misaligned Aardvarks”, representing The Island of Nothing. Congratulations! We will post a longer wrapup in the morning with additional placings, but it’s 11.30 pm here now and this server is bending under the load.

The votes have been counted! In total 372 accounts sent in votes, with a total of 911 votes between them. Here comes the top ten songs of !

Here goes! Be following @vote for the results NOW.

voting is closed! We’re going to do some scrutineering of votes today, and then the top ten will be announced by @vote at 13.00 Monday 27 May 2024!

The voting has closed!
Thank you, listeners and musicians for your participation in

The votes will be counted, and since we have 72 contestants this year, the top 10 songs will be announced tomorrow at 13:00 UTC (18 hours from now).

EDIT: Voting is closed.

Voting will close in a few minutes. Does anyone want to get a last minute vote in?

Reply to this and write "@vote vote AAAA AAAA AAAA" (replacing AAAA with up to three voting codes of your choice).

Multiple identical codes in a vote will only count as one.

Edited 52d ago

Welcome to the final hours of !
Over the next five hours I'll present the 72 songs in playlist order.

To vote for your three favorite songs, mention this bot and write "vote XXXX YYYY ZZZZ" where XXXX, YYYY, and ZZZZ are the codes announced along with the songs.
You can vote for 1, 2, or 3 songs. If you send multiple vote messages, only the last vote message will count. If you wish to retract your vote, write "delete vote".

Note: The word "vote" must be separate from this bots name. Only mentioning the bot and writing voting codes will not work.

Voting will close in 6 hours, at 7PM UTC.