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FediVision Announcements

Announcements about the FediVision song contest, running in May 2024! Please follow for dates and news. See for rules and eligibility.

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Here are the ten highest-voted entries to , from top spot to tenth, as announced by @vote earlier today!

1️⃣🥇 Misaligned Aardvarks by @keefmarshall of [NOTH] The Island of Nothing
2️⃣🥈 The New Rage by @negativeplayers of [NRCI] New Rage City
3️⃣🥉 All Zombies Go To Heaven by @dgar of [DIZZ] Dizzy Corp
4️⃣🤝 Site-23 by @fabi of [BLAH] Blahaj Cuddle Coalition
4️⃣🤝 Synthetic Synchronicity by @revengeday of [CYBE] Cyberpunks
6️⃣ Tap My Toes by @elsemusic of [CABA] The Cabaret Republic
7️⃣ Mare by @stephan with @MyLoFy of [RAIL] Lost Railroad Valley
8️⃣ Face the Fire by @simonvey of [TAUS] Die Tausend Lande
9️⃣Living The Dream by @sknob of [RUGG] Rugged scrublands
🔟 Versio by @cobalt of [COBA] Cobaltia

Congratulations to all!

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is wrapped and done! This instance and have been slipped into quiescent mode. We hope you’ve had fun participating this last month. Please continue to follow this account for further events.

Administrivia: if you make a mistake submitting the form at, or have to update the link, just resubmit it with the corrected or updated details. We’ll delete the old entry from the submission database, leaving only the new entry.

is open to submissions! (A couple of hours early because Wordpress, amirite?)

Musicians: you’ve got one more week to finish your entry. The form is live, and you can fill it in right now.

Enter here:

Listeners, mark 19 May in your calendars, the date when you can hear all the entries.

🚨 Two week alert 🚨

Submissions for the song contest are due Sunday 12 May at the latest.

The form will be active from 5 May.

As always, more detail at

This year, we are pleased to announce that Radio Free Fedi @radiofreefedi will be offering a pop-up channel during voting week, where you can listen to Fedivision 2024 entries on repeat.

Entrants, you will be asked at submission time if you’d like your song shared with RFF. This is _opt in_; we know you don’t all love RFF. The Fedivision site at continues to host all entries and listeners can stream on demand from there.

(Updated the FAQ at with Actually Asked Questions made to this account.)

Greetings, Fediverse! Hope you’ve been busy working on your submission for the Fedivision Song Contest!

Submissions will open on Sunday 5 May 2024 and close on Sunday 12 May 2024 [at a midday-UTC-ish time].

Listening and voting will run from Sunday 19 May 2024 to Sunday 26 May 2024, with results announced soon after!

Bookmark for submission and further info!

Musicians! This one is for you!

If you’d like to field entry in the song contest, take a look at the FAQ at for guidance on what can be submitted. We will update the FAQ with any further questions that roll in; please feel free to ask by replying to this post or DMing this account.

Everyone else: hang tight, and watch out for the listening party and voting in May 2024.

The Fedivision song contest is ON!

What is Fedivision? We are a light-hearted musical competition among amateur musicians on the Fediverse. You can submit one original unreleased piece < 4 minutes long in any genre. In May 2024, we will listen to all the entries and the fediverse votes on the best song!

Now in its fourth year, we have a brand new dedicated instance. Please follow this account to be kept informed. PLEASE BOOST this post so that all your musician friends get the word.

Welcome to!